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A lecherous army special task force soldier from 21st-century Hong Kong is selected to travel back in time, choosing to go to the Chinese Warring States Period. Unfortunately, the time machine runs into an error during the experiment. With no foreseeable way to return to the present, he must use his combat skills and knowledge of history to thrive in his new life in the year 251 BC.

The last Chapter #25 - A Step into the Past now available at Novels Full . A Step into the Past, , josei, romance, Tian Xia Gui Yuan, World Convergence, 天下归元, Xiao Shu, 萧舒, Mad Snail, 发飙的蜗牛, Supreme Villain, 极品妖孽, I Eat Tomatoes, Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi, 我吃西红柿, 秋晴雨生, La Mi Tu, 蜡米兔, Huang Yi, . With chapters null have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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