Novel Dark Moon Era (by Sansan)

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When a glorious old civilization was toppled overnight, a strange purple moon rose and thus began the Purple Moon Era.

Damn it! What kind of ecosystem was this? The evolution was messy. Even rabbit bites and plants were not to be messed with. How can one survive all this? Evolve into a Purple Moon Warrior? What did this have to do with the Purple Moon?

What kind of map was this? The Safety Sector? The Floating Domain? The Darkness Port? The Storm Voyage? The True Capital?

The Horror Lullaby List? The resurrection of the Underground Tribe and the prospering Underground City? The Chaos Black Market that suffused the world? The Bloody Road?

More importantly, one could end up in a bloody slaughter when dreaming and enter the Dream Domain? Fine, this damned era!

The last Chapter #400 - Dark Moon Era now available at Novels Full . Dark Moon Era, , Sci-fi, Mature, Sansan, 仐三, . With chapters 400 twelve have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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