Novel Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing (by ApocalypseX)

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Doomsday Online has descended, reducing the entire Earth to a ruined playground. It is occupied by countless terrifying monsters.

Link awakens the one and only SSS-grade talent, Supreme Blessing, which can increase the quality of any equipment, skill, or item, at a rate of 10-10,000.

Skeleton Longsword (Iron-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to Epic-grade weapon—Divine Sword Red Sky!

Death Charge (Silver-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Legend-grade skill—Holy Charge!

Void Summoner (Epic-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Taboo-grade profession—Great Void Taboo Master!

In this lifetime, he shall rule over the world when awake, and be with beauties when asleep.

Link wants to be king in this doomsday!

The last Chapter #208 - Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing now available at Novels Full . Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing, , Games, romance, ApocalypseX, Jixia Academy's Half-Step Gentleman, 稷下半步君子, . With chapters 208 death of a sage the man who ended the apocalypse have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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