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Lingyun, a fierce and savage cultivation genius takes over a dead teenager’s body. Coincidentally, they are both named Lingyun. Set in a alternate version of the 21st century, teenager Lingyun has been killed by someone with a grudge.

The last Chapter #746 - Dragon Emperor, Martial God now available at Novels Full . Dragon Emperor, Martial God, , Sci-fi, School Life, shounen, MadReader, Neko Kouichi, Zhang Muzhi, 张牧之, Running Water Leaves no Trace, 流水无痕, Jie Po, Pig Nerd, Zai Zhu, 宅猪, Bu Zheng, 步征, . With chapters 746 no arrow shot in vain have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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