Novel Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji (by Ye Qiaomu)

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“Darling, I want…”

“Here’s the credit card. Buy everything you want.”

“Darling, I want to give you a child!”

“That’s unnecessary.”


Ye Shengge’s inborn birthmark could only be deciphered by Ji Shiting.

However, that man was very aloof and reserved, and he wasn’t tempted at all. And one day when she finally gave up and tried to leave, that man literally carried her back.

She yelled, ” What do you want?”

The man said with his deep voice, “What you’ve been wanting the whole time.

Ye Shengge always thought that Ji Shiting was forced to marry her, yet years after, she realized that it was all part of his plan, and there was no way she could run away from him.

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