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By accident, Lu Zhiyu found the entrance to a low-dimensional world, and thus began a totally different journey!

Free to control everything in the low-dimensional game, Lu Zhiyu felt like a gamemaster, and even God.

The last Chapter #446 - Low Dimensional Game now available at Novels Full . Low Dimensional Game, , Sci-fi, ユーキャン, Immortal Iron Bull, 铁牛仙, Primodial Saint, 上古圣贤, The Leaf That Goes Against Water, 逆水之叶, Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel, 十二翼黑暗炽天使, LSLCCF, 历史里吹吹风, . With chapters 446 end the fairyland kingdom that has lost its way have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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