Novel Peerless Refiner (by Ye Bei)

Alternative : Peerless Alchemist
Time update159 days ago
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She is the strongest cultivator, and she crosses through into another world. On one hand, there’s a family who bullies and mistreats her. On the other, there’s her fiancee who insults and wants to… abuse her? Heh! If you go against me, you will die. But if you obey me, you will prosper! It’s just that… this beautiful royal scholar is always casting secretive glances at her? Says the royal scholar: “Have you slept for so long that you won’t acknowledge your debts anymore?”

The last Chapter #chapter_116 - Peerless Refiner now available at Novels Full . Peerless Refiner, Peerless Alchemist , Historical, romance, Ye Bei, . With chapters chapter 116 have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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