Novel The Antagonistic Goddess Attacks (by San Fu Studios)

Alternative :Nữ Đế Phản Diện Tập KÍCh! ; 反派女帝来袭
Time update159 days ago
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An adaptation of Mo Ling's novel: Coming of the Villain Boss! It's said the plots of quick-transmigration systems are classified as: normal-hard-hell-goddess. Beating up white lotuses, trampling on scum men, using unpredictable means of revenge...see how a goddess makes them tremble in fear, fleeing in all directions. However this time, why is he not dodging or hiding, instead sticking to me? "Because this time, I want you to fall in love with me."

The last Chapter #chapter_60 - The Antagonistic Goddess Attacks now available at Novels Full . The Antagonistic Goddess Attacks, Nữ Đế Phản Diện Tập KÍCh! ; 反派女帝来袭, romance, San Fu Studios, . With chapters chapter 60 have been translated and translations from other chapters are in progress. Let's take advantage
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